Whizzer Sportsman

Star of the Lightweights

1950 Whizzer Sportsman


The Whizzer Sportsman Motorcycle was manufactured by the Whizzer Motor Company at their plant in Pontiac, Michigan from 1949 through 1953. Less than 7000 units were produced.

The original prototype was made by Mr. Don White, Chief of Production for the Whizzer Motor Company. Don made it for his seven year old son, Art to ride. Art had been too small to ride a full-sized Whizzer. This cute little motorcycle was demanded by the public whenever it was shown and soon the factory began manufacturing them for Whizzer Dealers all over the world.

The engine had three horse power and would attain a speed of approximately 40 MPH. The Sportsman had a strong welded tubular frame and would hold a 280 pound rider.

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